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Grow-With-Me Hoodie / Feathers on Teal

Grow-With-Me Hoodie / Feathers on Teal

Romp & Roam

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A great wardrobe staple, this hoodie changes sizes thanks to its extra long, foldable arm cuffs and waistband. The hoodie starts off as an oversized sweater fit and as the child grows, becomes more fitted thus becoming a favorite that’ll last longer than traditionally sized clothing! 

These feather hoodies are special in that they also feature DTF (direct to film) transfers. DTF is stronger, softer, and better than HTV. Each hoodie has a different amount of feathers on the front, due to varying sizes of the bodice. No two hoodies are the same, and there will be a variation in the feathers. Please purchase with that in mind. 

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