About Grow With Me Clothing

As many of y’all know, I started sewing thanks to my boys. It started out as bandana bibs for a very drooly baby Caleb, and as he grew (and as Logan joined our family), I ventured into making clothes for them.

As I got more into making clothes for my kiddos and friends’ kiddos, I knew I wanted to use the best quality materials that I could find. In that search, I discovered that there is an absolute limitless amount of beautiful designs and fabric bases to choose from. However, I also discovered that high quality custom fabrics are expensive. Many families can’t justify the price tag that accompanies handmade clothing, my family included. In a perfect world I know everyone would like to support more handmade small shops, but it’s difficult for us to compete in a world overflowing with cheap overseas labor and mass produced materials.

I was on the hunt for a way to make the clothing I make for my boys last as long as it possibly could. Then I found Apple Tree Sewing Patterns. They design patterns for clothing that GROWS! I was hooked from the start and made so many things for my boys that have lasted years for each of them, that I felt it more than justified the price tag of the high-quality materials I wanted to use.

The small shop world is an intricate and deep rooted network of crafters, artists, and designers that support each other. Choosing one of my truly made with love grow-with-me items supports not just my little shop, but also the other small businesses that I love to utilize. From the pattern companies that design the styles, to the fabric shops that I order the custom fabrics from, to the label shop that I order my size stamps from, and so many more! Another bonus of growing with me clothing is that it’s great for the environment! Longer lasting clothes means less amount of clothing that ends up in landfills.

Say goodbye to the bittersweet moment of going to dress your kiddo in a favorite outfit just to find out that they outgrew it. Because these styles are made to last up to (or at least) THREE YEARS! How crazy awesome is that?!

I promise once you try our Grow With Me styles, you and your kiddos will love them just as much as we do in our family.